Where are you based off? We are in New York, Florida and North Carolina. 

Do yo do destination weddings? Yes. We can travel to your wedding destination. 

How many wedding do you photograph in a year? We photograph up to 12-15 weddings a year, allowing enough time to edit every single project promptly. 

What is your style? We like to photograph moments as they happen. There are two sides to any image. One, how great it looks in composition and color. Second, the story. We try to capture both elements. 

What is your turnaround time to receive our photographs? If it is single event 2-3 weeks. If your wedding has multiple events, then 4-6 weeks. 

Do we receive the raw, unedited files? Yes.

How many pictures will we be receiving? There are various factors to consider that will affect the amount of images we include. Some of those factors are the length of coverage, type of event, the number of guests, etc. 

How do you deliver all the images? We will send you a USB flash drive which will have high-resolution pictures. 

Do we get to keep the digital files? You will be provided with the selected edited high-resolution digital files. Fabula Photography retains the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on.

My venue wants a certificate of insurance? Sure, please put forward your request two months in advance of the wedding as it does take time for our insurance company to process and provide the document.

What equipment do you use? We use Nikon kit with prime lenses. For Video we use both Canon and Nikon.

What is your payment schedule? A 35% of the total investment is due as a booking fee/retainer to reserve your date. Another 35% of the balance will be due one week prior to the wedding date, and the final balance due upon delivery of the photos. 

Is the retainer refundable? The retainer fee is non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that we hold the date exclusively for you and turn down all other commissions for that date.

Do you edit all of our photographs? Once all pictures go through culling process (Selection), we do color-grading to each and every photo.

Do you offer engagement sessions? We do Casual or Concept Style shoot. Casual session is quick 1-2 hour session and we can do between Sunday and Thursday depending on our availability. Concept shoot is something where we create unique shoot style using different loc

Is there a permit required for the photo-shoot location on the wedding day? It varies based on the location as some require a permit and some don’t. Based on the location you are interested in, we will help you figure out if a permit is required. The permit has to be obtained by the client, not the photographer.

Can you give us photos in black & white and colour? Yes. We make few photos B&W.

Do you tell us how to pose?  Yes, we can guide you. However, we believe in the more natural picture than cheesy poses. We are willing to listen to your ideas if you are looking for something different than what we have shown in our work. 

Do you carry backup equipment? Yes, always. 

Do you shoot weddings only? No. We can shoot other events such as birthday parties, Anniversaries and any other special event. 

Do you carry additional lighting if my venue is dark? Yes, we do. We recommend that you get some ambiance lighting from DJ or lighting company. 

What if we go over the contract time? There is an extra hour charge on the contract just in case if you are to go over. 

For the engagement session, can you do it on the weekend? No, because we are mostly busy photographing weddings. We can only do on Tuesday through Thursday. 

Do you offer albums. If so, how can we order. Do you offer various types of albums? Yes we do. 

How do we send you the picture selection? You can dropbox it to us or just give us the numbers of the images. 

How long does it take to get the album design proof? 15 business days from the day we receive your album selection. 

Do you allow changes to the album page design? Yes, one round of changes. An extra round of changes is $75.00 per round.

How long does it take to print the album? 4-6 weeks once approved. 

For additional questions, please get in touch with us.